Are you big enough to see sense over incinerator plans?

SIR – Regarding the county council’s incinerator consultation.

Without success I tried to contact the site last Wednesday after reading the WHT regarding the proposed New Barnfield incinerator.

I have just seen your email address in the ‘readers letters’ page, so, although late, here are my thoughts.

First I oppose the council’s proposal for all the reasons that I have read from many other people in Hatfield and beyond.

Who, in their right mind, would even think about building an incinerator in any town? It is beyond me.

Domestic rubbish is obviously a big problem, but surely the council should not build this in a town or anywhere near one.

Who can tell what environmental impact this will have in years to come for local people or wildlife?

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History has constantly had people voted into high positions who have not listened to the voice of the ‘people’ and then made the wrong decisions that affect everyone forever.

The list is endless.

The QE2 is a prime example; in my opinion many people will die because of the closure of the A&E with ambulances having to travel all the way to Stevenage’s Lister Hospital.

People in these positions may be highly intelligent, but probably with little or no commonsense.

We know that the two rarely go hand in hand.

They may believe that to alter their mind and to agree with the majority of the people would seem to show a weakness, but to my mind this would show that they are big enough to see sense.

If they don’t, they should remember that people can also vote them out of their jobs.

Money obviously plays a big part in decision-making, but if central government can find billions to support banks then they should be able to support local councils to improve life for local people.

How many people on the council who have proposed this location for a waste incinerator live near, or anywhere near New Barnfield? I’d be very surprised if any do!

Finally, just to say that at 70 years old I may never have the problem of seeing this proposal through, but I had to support those that have objected to it.

Name and address supplied.