An independent view about politics in Welwyn Hatfield

SIR – I read your letters page each week and have occasionally contributed, but I note that, while there are many complaints, few solutions arise.

Perhaps councillors and developers don’t read the local paper?

You call yourselves a ‘campaigning newspaper’ and there seems plenty to campaign about, from hospital downgrades, incinerator building, Tesco and other developers’ initiatives, Serco’s dominance of the public/privatised sector, potholes, littering, vandalism and all the other ills of a modern consumerist society.

Much, if not most, of this angst can be laid at the doors of the borough or county council, but these people were elected by us, the public.

Why, in a supposed democracy, do we then have to fight their decisions or fulminate against their perceived lack of action?

Why do they resist so strongly the cries of outrage?

Nationally, decisions are skewed by richly funded lobbyists; at what point do lavish entertainment and contributions to party funds spill over into corruption?

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Locally, not many initiatives get funded without developers’ money in prospect, so guess which projects get approved?

Does this need for money answer my previous questions?

What’s more, party politics in local government often seems to mean decisions taken by an inner cabal and nodded through by a compliant rank and file.

We’ve seen councillors ‘excommunicated’ for stepping out of line.

In Welwyn Hatfield, that means Conservative policies and decisions because the preponderance of Conservative councillors renders the opposition ineffectual.

I belong to no party. A plague on all their houses, say I.

It would be just as undemocratic with an overwhelming Labour majority.

In May, we have our one day of enfranchisement and we’ll get the councillors we deserve. Are we going to vote for the same old, same old?

And if not, where are the independent candidates?

Jon Westoby,

Via email.