Action not words over incinerator

SIR – Our MP’s letter last week was, frankly, uninspiring; ‘knock the Labour position, get my points in about how fantastic I am, then say let’s pull together to make our area better’.

But of course what is missing from this is a real drive to actually get some change.

Our MP states he is ‘campaigning hard’ against an incinerator, setting up websites (a few pounds and the odd hour here and there), being ‘involved’ in the production of wristbands (with the obligatory press photo opportunity on the back of effort by a concerned parent) and of course being the first to protest (simply not so – as he’s been told before in a letter to this paper).

I would say that for a shadow cabinet minister, clearly an influential and senior national figure, exerting some influence on the party which he represents would be rather more effective, especially as it is HIS party that is pushing forward the plans for the Hatfield New Barnfield incinerator.

Do we really need ‘awareness raising’ exercises or do we need our MP to cajole or threaten Conservative councillors like Derrick Ashley, who appears totally committed to putting an incinerator at New Barnfield, with the full force of his displeasure?

Is Grant so lacking in local influence he can’t even get members of his own party to drop such a bonkers plan?

I’ve not noticed any county motions tabled by Conservative councillors objecting to the plan. Two Conservative local councillors recently went so far as to speak AGAINST a motion to exclude New Barnfield from further consideration, but there has been no mention of any censure for such dissent.

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From the perspective of Hatfield residents, and I count myself as such, it would seem that our MP’s opposition is restricted to events and actions that will get press coverage.

I hope I’m wrong, so I’d love some evidence that behind the scenes there is major effort being expended on really stopping the incinerator plan, but as yet I’ve seen virtually nothing.

The Labour contribution to actual practical campaigning has, in contrast, actually delivered measurable and practical opposition.

I’m working closely with them and am happy to continue to do so.

I will continue to campaign hard as a contributor to the Hatfield Against Incineration group whatever the outcome of the general election.

My wife and children live here, I want to protect them.

I will do all I can to ensure this crazy plan is scrapped, however long that takes.

And whoever our next MP is, I will keep criticising their commitment to our area, even if it’s self-criticism!

Paul Zukowskyj,

Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate,

Welwyn Hatfield.