A sad lack of tolerance

SIR – Essential work on the railway bridge at Brookmans Park was commenced at the beginning of July with great inconvenience to many people, not least of all the bus drivers who have coped admirably.

Also due to complaints by residents of Brookmans Avenue, UNO has been forced to run a shuttle service between Potters Bar and Brookmans Park.

I hope they are proud of themselves; they have succeeded in ruining the lives of many elderly folk living in the village because instead of being able to travel to Hatfield or Enfield direct, it is now necessary to change buses.

I tried this earlier today and on my return journey was forced to wait 55 minutes at Potters Bar station.

I am unable to use the train because the steps at Brookmans Park are too high for me to climb and we cannot all afford taxis!

We live in a selfish world, I am aware of that, but this attitude is unbelievable; could they not have been tolerant for the few months the repairs will take?

Congratulations you have rendered an elderly lady ‘housebound’ for the rest of the summer!

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I love my village and have lived here for over 50 years, but you have left a nasty taste in my mouth with your lack of concern for your fellow villagers.

Name and address supplied.