A rubbish joke!

SIR – In response to your article in last week’s WHT on Serco, I felt compelled to write in.

I live in Forresters Drive, WGC and a group of us always put our rubbish together in a pile to make it easier for the dustmen to collect, as commented on by a dustman in the article who says, “its nice when people get together and pile the rubbish for us, but we can’t always reply on that”.

I had to laugh though when it also said: “We always have to take the loose rubbish, we can’t leave it in a mess”.

What a joke!

Every week the rubbish has been collected you can guarantee there are always individual small pieces of rubbish left that haven’t been taken. It only would take one person a couple of seconds to put it in the dustcart.

Please Serco don’t say one thing and do another, it not professional!

M Cooper.

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Forresters Driver, WGC.