Two campaign and action groups in Welwyn Garden City have merged to protect the town's heritage and promote its future.

Keep the G in WGC and and WGC Heritage Trust have joined to create one group, called 'Together for Welwyn Garden City' - with a new logo inspired by Ebenezer Howard's 'three magnets' vision for garden cities.

The organisation will combine the historical knowledge of the WGC Heritage Trust with the campaigning power of Keep the G in WGC to protect and promote the town.

Six trustees have been elected, who will be re-elected every three years.

Trustee of Together for WGC Kate Cowan said: "We are incredibly proud to now be able to announce the new identity for this united organisation to you, our local communities and supporters.

"We believe it reflects the unique properties of WGC that make this such a special place that we are all so proud of."

The merged group aims to promote WGC's enduring sense of community and high standards of design.

Members will work together with residents, developers, the local authority and other groups to ensure that the past, present and future of the town are considered whenever change is proposed and implemented.

The group also aims to ensure that the needs of the town's people are at the forefront of all major development considerations - so that change offers tangible benefits and reflects and enhances WGC's principles, values and heritage.


The 'three magnets' in the logo represent the three garden city principles of 'town', 'country' and 'town country', with open green spaces forming a central part of Ebenezer Howard's plan.

Martin Norman, trustee and founder of Keep the G in WGC, said: "This is a significant event in the history of Welwyn Garden City.

"This formidable new organisation will strengthen the community voice and collectively press for higher standards in development and heritage that this town rightly deserves."

To join Together for Welwyn Garden City's campaigns you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or visit, with more detail about their work to be announced in the near future.