The Cat & Fiddle

‘Overdevelopment - I rest my underpants’ jibe as Hatfield pub demolition approved

Friday, January 4, 2013
2.34 PM

PLANS to demolish a pub in Hatfield to make way for housing were passed yesterday, amid fears of over-development and parking chaos.

The Cat and Fiddle pub, on St Albans Road West, ceased trading in August, and a planning application was submitted to demolish the pub and build three three-bedroom houses and nine flats in its place.

Councillors raised concerns about the parking spaces in the new development, saying that there are not enough, which would force residents to park on the streets.

Councillor Steven Markiewicz, Conservative, said: “This is going to cause problems for the neighbours – and we are here to solve problems not create them.”

He then added: “This is overdevelopment – I rest my underpants.”

The new development will be built as affordable housing and used for social rent.

Councillor Ben Yetts said that he could not back the plan because of it was getting rid of Hatfield’s history.

He said: “I wish our council saw more applications for social housing.

“But it gets rid of about 110 years of Hatfield’s history.”

At a council meeting last night (Wednesday) the councillors passed the plans on a majority vote.

According to regulations each flat needs a parking space, and each house needs one and half spaces.

In the submitted plans there are 10 parking spaces for the nine flats, but only four – rather than the required 4.5 – for the three houses.

Critics say lack of space in the terrace carpark that will create problems - although they are actually half a space over the required amount - and that many households own more than one car.