Fuel strike panic hits Welwyn Hatfield petrol stations

10:22 29 March 2012

Queues at the Total garage in WGC this morning

Queues at the Total garage in WGC this morning


MOTORISTS are facing chaos at the petrol pumps this morning (Thursday), as worried drivers fill up their cars amid rumours of fuel tanker drivers’ strike.

The apparent outbreak of panic-buying motorists was evident in Welwyn Hatfield this morning, following the Government’s advice to fill up their tanks once they become half-empty.

Energy secretary Ed Davey made the statement after hundreds of fuel tanker drivers threatened to strike over working conditions.

The advice came after a previous Government warning, since withdrawn, told motorists to store petrol in jerrycans in case the strike went ahead.

The Government has been heavily criticised for the way its handled the situation, with Labour leader Ed Milliband demanded an apology from ministers for creating a crisis.

At the Total garage in Stanborough Road, WGC, today, cars lined the street as drivers waited to fill up.

The Welwyn Hatfield Times spoke to some of the queing motorists, who also blamed the Government for the panic-buying.

Lorry driver Armando Gambone was actually delivering petrol to the station, and said he’d been queing from the bottom of Stanborough Road.

He said he thought the Government’s advice had caused motorists to start panic buying.

“I don’t think it helps,” he said. “They [the fuel tanker drivers] haven’t even decided to strike yet. The public are taking it a bit too far.”

Matthew Anderson was also waiting in line.

Asked if he thought the Government were to blame for the sudden chaos, he said: “Definitely.

“I’m not panic buying – I’m completely empty. But people are definitely panic buying.”

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  • Just told police are called at Morrisons because of chaos, Some people are selfish and only think of themselves (I am all right jack) if people did not panic the petrol willl be there. Petrol stations should restrict how much petrol you can have (if people want to act this way). I am a driver myself and one of them who are not doing the panic thing. Everyone is blaming the government but if the Government said chop a leg off how many people would. Some people are like sheep if the government tells you to do this , you have to do it. THINK AND USE COMMON SENSE AND STOP BEING SELFISH. People have gone to only shop at Morrisons and they have had to go somewhere else because of certain amount of people being selfish and greedy.

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    Thursday, March 29, 2012

  • Anyone smell a rat here? I suspect this misguided propaganda was a calculated attempt to discredit UNITE & its links with Labour that seriously backfired. It is no coincidence that Cameron insisted Labour hand back its biggest donation (from UNITE) as recently as February. This govt. deliberately & psychologically encouraged panic, while verbally suggesting there was no need to, knowing full well the outcome. Ask yourself this; If you intend to make contingency plans for something that might not happen, without creating panic, why go to great lengths to publicise the most dramatic of decisions? Is it also just coincidence that motorists will want to be legitimately filling up for the Easter school holiday, exacerbating the existing chaos? Invitation to take the dispute to ACAS has been accepted & 7 days notice of official strike action has to be given by law anyway. This could all be weeks away. This idiocy is likely to cause more damage than a strike itself & the only beneficiary is the treasury through extra fuel duty. Not a bad little bonus with petrol prices at their highest! As for the irresponsible suggestion of storing even the minimum of petrol, don’t bother! This is currently the worst possible climate to attempt this. Lifting the lid on a full Gerry can in warm weather alone will suggest the risk being taken. And, if it all goes pear-shaped & you need the fire service, you’d better pray that they haven’t been deprived of essential fuel by the gullible, headless chicken brigade!

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    Thursday, March 29, 2012

  • Calm down dear - It's only a commercial!

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    Thursday, March 29, 2012

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